The Uncensored Truth About UFOs: Plus Bonus Chapters on Hostile UFOs!

The Uncensored Truth About UFOs: Plus Bonus Chapters on Hostile UFOs!
Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
Captain Edward J. Ruppelt (left), head of Project Blue Book, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in March 1953

This 589-page masterpiece was written by Edward Ruppett, one of the first military researchers for "Project Blue Book," which tried to quell the mass hysteria sparked by a wave of UFO sightings in the 1950s.

Reppelt wrote this expose because he felt his hands were tied by the U.S. government in Project Blue Book and that the truth about UFOs was purposely being hidden from the American public. By doing so, he stepped over the line by plainly exposing the facts about this phenomenon, which did not put him in favor with the Deep State.

His work stands today and is as enlightening as his impeccable research and clear writing style.

Bonus Chapters Written by Chet Dembeck

Journalist and UFO researcher Chet Dembeck has added several bonus chapters to this masterpiece, including some of the hostile acts of UFOs like cattle mutilations, attacks on aircraft, and other new cases unearthed through his research of FBI, CIA, and NSA recently declassified documents.

A must-read for all students of Ufology. Paperback Edition only available while they last!

The Uncensored Truth About UFOs

Flat-Earth Publishing has changed the original title of this work from "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects," to "The Uncensored Truth About UFOs – Plus Bonus Chapters on Hostile UFOs," because it more clearly reflects the totality of the material about the phenomena in this new edition.

Whether you are a novice UFO researcher or a seasoned investigator, we believe this book is a must-read.