Russian Pilot Dies of Cancer After Close Encounter with UFO

Russian Pilot Dies of Cancer After Close Encounter with UFO
Artist's concept of the event, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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Documented incidents of pilots being harmed by UFO encounters are rarely reported, but they do exist, if you look carefully.

I recently found a declassified CIA document revealing that the death of one Russian pilot and the debilitating illness of another appeared to be the result of a close encounter with a UFO.

The incident occurred in September of 1989.

1-Minute Summary:

Documents and Details

A Soviet aircraft reported seeing a large flying disk in their vicinity with five beams of light emanating from it: three beams were directed toward the ground and two were projected upward when the object was first sighted. The ground controller instructed one of the planes to alter its course and approach the object, at which point the disk flew to the same level and aimed one of its beams at the approaching Soviet plane, illuminating the cockpit. Listratov cited the pilot's log as stating: At this time, the co-pilot was at the controls.  He observed the maneuver that the object had just carried out and was able to raise his hand to shield himself from the unbearable light. The aircraft commander was resting in the adjoining seat, and a bright ray of light projected a spot with a diameter of 20 centimeters, passed across his body. Both pilots felt the heat.

According to Chairman of the All-Union Astronomical and Geodasic Society's Annitoliy Listratov, the aircraft commander and his copilot both became "invalids” - shortly after the incident. The co-pilot was forced to leave his job due to a sudden deterioration in his health, including the onset of sudden prolonged periods of “loss of consciousness.” The aircraft commander died within a few months. The cause of death was listed as “cancer,” and “injury to the organism as a result of radiation from an unidentified flying object” was listed as a contributing factor on the official medical record in the hospital where the commander died, according to Listratov.

Here are copies of the CIA documents: 

Hostile acts by UFOs are under-reported, but they do occur, which makes one wonder why this phenomenon is considered by many not to be at least a potential threat.

*The documents in my article include sensitive information obtained by a CIA clipping service it used at the time to keep close tabs on what was happening inside countries such as Russia. The clipping service sent the CIA stories the agency would be interested in and the powers-that-be at the CIA then perused and distributed them as in-house documents.

Many of the stories were from small publications inside the Soviet Union, as this one was. Remember: This was years before the Internet and before such publications had any way to be seen by the world. The official CIA document number of the PDF is c0551622. It can be accessed on the CIA document arcives.

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