Many Raw Witness Sketches of UFOs and Aliens Ring True

Many Raw Witness Sketches of UFOs and Aliens Ring True
UFO drawn by witness of the event
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One of the biggest complaints I hear as a UFO researcher from the UFO community is that most if not all of the photographs or images people shoot with their cellphones and cameras are blurry, touched up – or just plain fakes. They have reason to feel this way because, unfortunately, many of the images I see from the past and even more from the present are obvious fakes, in my opinion.

The reason I believe this is true is because with today's technology and software programs, it is so much easier to snap and embellish such images-- plus, there are monetary and notoriety rewards for staging such hoaxes.

Sketches Take Time and Determination

That's why, I give more credence to sketches of UFOs and extraterrestrials either drawn by eyewitnesses directly, or artists who assist them soon after,  because they take more time and a witness' determination to produce, and they offer little monetary or fame rewards.

Many in the UFO community will ridicule this form of first-person evidence, believing everyone should have a cellphone ready to record – even if the weather or lighting conditions are terrible – anyand the witness is in a state of shock triggered by the incident, so they were unable to react fast enough. Also, many UFO and alien sketches were created before the advent of cellphones and quality cameras, yet they are thrown into the trash heap by many of today's younger UFO enthusiasts because many of them get a kick out of what they think is being tough-minded, irreverent and nasty skeptics.

That's why I've gone through my research files and gathered many of the sketches based on eyewitness accounts from the past and recent present for you to review. I did so because it's often your first impression of these pieces of personal evidence, which hits you between the eyes -- convincing you if they are true or simply hoaxes. At least, that's the way it works for me.

To me, they represent raw, unfiltered evidence of the UFO and alien experience in its most basic form. * They come for a variety of government and research case files from all over the world, covering about 70 years.

UFO and Alien Sketches as described by Witnesses:

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