An Eerie Attempted Alien Abduction from 1912

An Eerie Attempted Alien Abduction from 1912
Artist's concept of the event, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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In January 1912, two men, Mr. V. Dychkin and his friend were driving home in separate sleds along the banks of the River Volga in Russia during a snowstorm.

As their horses carried them forward, they met two strange men on the side of the road. Concerned for their safety Dychkin offered them a ride. Soon after climbing in, the strange men told Dychkin that there was a town nearby and that he should go there to stay the night because of the snowstorm. Even though Dychkin knew that there were no towns in the area, he and his friend felt compelled to drive in the direction the men told him.

Illuminated by Thousands of Lights 

One of the strangers pointed and said, "Look, there is the town!" Dychkin looked in the direction the man was pointing and saw a beautiful sight. There was a huge, strange city on a flat plateau, illuminated by thousands of lights. The lights were arranged in a beautiful pattern that Dychkin had never seen before. He was convinced that what he was seeing was real, so he turned his sled towards the city. His friend followed him.

Artist's concept of eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth publishing

Gripped by Terror 

As they approached the lights, they found them to be so bright they were blinding.

Suddenly, both men were gripped by an unexplained fear. Instinctively, they turned their sleds around and drove away, never seeing where the two strangers had gone.

Dychkin looked back at the city, but he could only see the deep darkness of the night.

The men never saw the city again, but they never forgot the fear they felt that night. The incident remains a mystery to this day.

Artist's concept of the account, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Possible explanations for the mysterious city:

  • It could have been a natural phenomenon, such as a mirage or an aurora borealis.
  • It could have been a hoax or a figment of Dychkin's imagination.
  • It could have been something more, such as a UFO or an alien mother ship standing read to whisk them away.

Ultimately, the true nature of the mysterious city is unknown. However, the incident remains a fascinating and mysterious chapter in Russian UFO history.

Source: “Rebus” Magazine, St. Petersburg 1914 German Mikhailov “NLO” Magazine # 50

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