When UFOs Attack: Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Attacks

When UFOs Attack: Documented Cases of Hostile Alien Attacks
This is an artist's concept of eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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If there is one misguided theme I have heard repeated many times in and outside of the UFO community, it is the notion that UFOs and extraterrestrials are our benevolent technological and spiritual superiors, who are only trying to watch over us and gently guide humankind from a path of nuclear, biological and ecological self-destruction to an interstellar highway of spiritual enlightenment and prosperity.

Death of a Hero

This mantra has been repeated ad nauseam ever since the first UFO was sighted and the close encounter was experienced. Yet, there is much documented evidence that these aliens, extraterrestrials, or inter-dimensional interlopers may not always be benevolent.

These uninvited guests, who boldly penetrate our airspace, have at times kidnapped, injured, and killed innocent humans and animals. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case in the latest, solidly documented close-encounter case recorded in a recently released Pentagon UFO study.

The usually mum Department of Defense almost appeared eager to report the Nov. 14, 2004, UFO incident, experienced by former Navy pilot David Fravor, who repeated a familiar story to all of us who have studied the history of Ufology the last 75 years.

While flying a routine mission off an aircraft carrier he and other pilots spotted a UFO that made incredibly sharp turns and reached speeds impossible for aircraft using Earth’s technology. As he watched this mystery craft zip away at an extremely high speed, he came to the same conclusion many of his fellows, military pilots have come to:

“It was not of this world,” Fravor told various news organizations.

He added that no human could have possibly withstood the G force of such a tremendous thrust of sudden acceleration.

What Does It All Mean?

In this concise report, I will present to you documented evidence of pilots like Fravor, who have suffered harm in such mysterious encounters. Such incidents are vastly underreported.

Captain Thomas F. Mantell Jr.

For example, until I started researching this subject, I never realized that a U.S. Army pilot Captain Thomas F. Mantell became the first known casualty as a result of such UFO aggression. Although the Army denied this, and summarily covered up this horrifying event with no less than three different, ever-morphing cover stories,

I will present you with documentation and eyewitness accounts from credible witnesses that prove within a reasonable doubt that on a January afternoon in 1948 hostile extraterrestrials committed an act of war against the United States. It was likely not the first – and certainly – will not be the last.

Terror Comes to an Island

I will also present evidence that proves that the population of a small island was terrorized and its impoverished residents used as guinea pigs by an alleged flap of UFOs that harassed and injured scores of innocent men and women for months.

Some of these unfortunates still carry the scars from burns and wounds that were inflicted upon them by these unknown perpetrators.

An artist's concept of eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

The proof consists of eyewitness accounts and secret documents that have been leaked over several decades.

Additionally, in this report, I will document numerous cases of aggressive and hostile UFO acts taken against both military and commercial pilots.

Bonus Content

As a bonus, I have also included many little-known UFO sighting reports from the early 1860s to the present.

Even though some of these are not directly hostile encounters, all of them invaded our airspace and in some cases, crash-landed exposing humans to potential injury or death.

Unexplained Animal Mutilations

Plus, I will present documentation of ongoing horse and cattle mutilations that remain a dark mystery event to this day, but point to either nefarious government and alien culprits – or a collaboration of both.

In conclusion, I must warn you that some will not like this report.

They will categorize my conclusions as alarmist and sensational. But as always, I leave it up to you the reader to decide. After reading this report, two things will become certain: we are not alone, and the “others” have shown us in uncertain terms that they are not necessarily our friends.

PS - I've also included a Special Report on Ancient Aliens in this First Edition of the Book.


About the Author Chet Dembeck:

Chet is an award-winning print journalist who has covered technology, government, and the Pentagon for various news organizations including the  Washington Business Journal, the Federal Times, and the Baltimore Daily Record.

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