CIA Doc Reports Russians Retrieved Crashed UFO

CIA Doc Reports Russians Retrieved Crashed UFO
Artist's concept of events, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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Some military analysts contend that the real "arms race” among world powers is not based on breakthroughs in Earthly science, but instead fueled by a race to see which of them can backward engineer technology they retrieved from UFO crashes.

CIA Tracks Russian UFO Retrieval

A CIA briefing document released by the agency dated Nov. 22, 1989, includes an extremely detailed account of wreckage from a UFO that was retrieved and analyzed by a team of Russian scientists. The minute details of the event are concise and shockingly candid.

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The Rest of the Story Including CIA Documents:

The scientists' conclusions, and descriptions of the "outer-worldly material" put me in mind of the many Roswell witnesses, who said they too retrieved wreckage from a crashed UFO.

Technological Arms Race

There have been murmurs and rumors about the Russians and other United States' adversaries feverishly working on "alien" technology they managed to get their hands on to backward engineer it into superior weaponry. But this is the first time I have read a confirmation about such a retrieval occurring in Russia

Documents and More:

In referring to an issue of the paper published in July 1988 that included a report on "an amazing event that took place on Hill 611 near the village of Angarsk in Primorskiy Kray," the article noted that the event is still under investigation. Many observers saw a flying sphere crash into one of the hill's twin peaks, and physicists and other scientists from the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences are still studying the "fine mesh," "small spherical objects," and "pieces of glass" that are considered to be small remnants left behind by the sphere. According to the article, the alleged spacecraft was nearly obliterated in the crash, but there appears to be enough material at the site for the scientists--a mixture of UFO "enthusiasts" and skeptics to eventually "penetrate this mystery."

One of the skeptical" physicists from Tomsk has hypothesized that the so-called sphere could have been some kind of a "plasmoid," formed by the "interaction of geophysical force fields," which captured the elements found by Makeyev from the atmosphere on its trajectory toward disintegration on the hilltop.

Other researchers have generally rejected this explanation since the amounts of various types of metals found at the site would imply, according to this "plasmoid" theory, that the concentration of metals in the atmosphere should exceed the present level by a factor of 4,000.

*Here's a copy of the documents:

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Artist's concept of the UFO, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Some scientists have concluded that the object that crashed into Hill 611 was an extraterrestrial space vehicle constructed by highly intelligent beings. Doctor of Chemical Sciences V. Vysotskiy stated that without a doubt, this is evidence of high technology, and it is not anything of natural or terrestrial origin. He cited the fact that the remnants of fine mesh included bits of thin threads with a diameter of only 17 microns and that these threads, in turn, were composed of even thinner strands twisted into braids. Extremely thin gold wires were discovered intertwined in the finest threads evidence of an intricate technology beyond the present capabilities of terrestrial science, according to Vysotskiy.

Here's a copy of the document:

  • The documents in my article include sensitive information obtained by a CIA news clipping service it used at the time to keep close tabs on what was happening inside countries such as Russia. The clipping service sent the CIA stories the agency would be interested in and the powers-that-be at the CIA then perused and distributed them as in-house documents. Many of the stories were from small publications inside the Soviet Union, as this one was. Remember: This was years before the Internet and before such publications had any way to be seen by the world.

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