Chalk-Faced Alien Give Electrician Negative Vibes

Artist's rendering based on eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
Artist's concept of the alien based on eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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Prelude to a Blackout

The foreman of a power plant came face to face with bizarre-looking aliens whose UFO momentarily shut the power down in the Swedish town of Mariannelund.

Gideon Johansson, a 59-year-old, level-headed resident of this small hamlet, experienced his life-changing experience one early fall evening on Sept. 29, 1959, at about 7 p.m., according to a report by the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), a group that scientifically investigated UFO sightings from 1952 to 1988.*

Waiting for 8 years to publicly share his story because of the fear of ridicule, Johansson contacted APRO investigator K. Gosta Rehn and told his harrowing story:

"On the way out of my home to do a service job," Johansson told Rehn, "I met my son who was 25 at the time, who asks: "What's the matter now?" I tell him: "Electric trouble."
'"Yes he says, 'it is jet black everywhere, all over, but not up there in the air,'"
"I looked where he pointed, noticed a white light, and cried: 'It is an airplane with motor trouble. It will probably crash outside. It might set the house on fire!"
In the next moment, Johansson said he and his son realized that the light in the sky was not a plane or helicopter because it now stopped in mid-air and made no noise. Plus, as it descended on the narrow street in front of his house, he and his son were struck by a strange, white light that came from the UFO.
"The object was lowering itself slowly, passing over a nearby building and buzzing the top of a maple tree, which later on was found to be damaged," Johansson continued. "My boy hollered at me: 'Get out of the way quick as hell,'
Artist's concept of eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Strange Craft Landed

The craft stopped and hovered in front of Johansson's house when it was just 6 feet above the street. It was floating only about 16 feet from where Johansson stood near his front door.

Johansson took evasive action and went from his front door to a side fence and slowly approached the craft that was emanating a bright, cold white light.

Negative Vibes

Instead of reporting a warm, pleasant feeling emanating from the craft as so many witnesses of close encounters of the third kind do, Johansson told a different, darker tale when he got close enough to see the craft's occupants:

"I got this weird feeling that came over me seeing these creatures," Johansson explained. " They radiated something that made you feel transparent and kind of negative. Their faces were chalk white. They had very long heads and very high foreheads, entirely bald. Their eyes were big and dark, noses long and narrow like a cigarillo. mouth small and chin pointed. Across the chest, they wore black belts. It seemed like some apparatus was sticking out of their ears."

Size of 12-Year-Old

Artist's concept of eyewitness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
Johansson continued: "The size of these white-dressed men was that of a twelve-year-old. They were sitting behind a glass bent backward in a streamlined fashion. One of them bent backward and seemed to be very busy with something. The other creature now looked at his companion, now at me. Due to the strong light in the cabin, I could not distinguish any other details of the craft. It must have been a small one to get down and fit in such a narrow street."

Lights Out – Power On

Artist's concept of an eyewitness account, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Then as suddenly as the craft and its occupants appeared, the lights in the craft went out and it shot instantaneously up into the sky – disappearing as a speck into the horizon.

As soon as this occurred, Johansson said the power blackout ended and the lights in the entire city switched back on.

However, even though Johansson and his son could both corroborate what they had seen, the father made his son swear neither of them would speak of it again.  Johansson did not want the ridicule or loss of reputation he had witnessed other town's folk suffer when they publicly came forward with stories about UFOs and their occupants.

It was only when Johansson reached an advanced age that he decided it was time to step forward with his story, which his son also corroborated.  Unfortunately, it brought them nothing but mockery and grief.

Similar to Many Other Events

Besides the corroborating witnesses, this case rings true to me because it is so similar to other strong UFO cases that report a craft in distress or landing for repairs.

The other factor that boosts its believability in my view is the fact that the father described the aliens as being able to look through him, or, as I understand it, read his mind. I have come across other strong cases where such aliens could read their abductee's mind. The "negative" feelings projected by the aliens have also been touched on in other cases.

While skeptics will continue to mock and disbelieve such cases, I find them so numerous and similar, coming from all over the world, that I consider many of them truthful.

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