Canadian Report Speculates Giant Crop Circle Made by 135-Ton Spacecraft

Canadian Report Speculates Giant Crop Circle Made by 135-Ton Spacecraft
Photo of the Scene: Courtesy of James H. Baker
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You'd be surprised what turns up in the dusty archives of the Canadian Defence Department.  I recently discovered an amazing official Canadian Defence Dept. investigator's report that concluded a rash of Canadian crop circles that suddenly appeared in remote Duhamel, Alberta in August of 1967 was likely not a hoax and possibly made by a 135-ton aircraft or spacecraft.

Sudden Flap of UFOs Hits Area 

Several weeks before large crop circles were discovered by a Canadian farmer in the small town of Duhamel near Camrose in Alberta, its local paper had reported a flap of strange UFO sightings.

An artist's concept of what may have occurred, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

The crop circles were discovered by Mr. Schielk when going into his fields to gather his cows that normally came back to his farm from the pasture on their own. However, on this particular Saturday, Aug. 5, 1967, after a night of heavy rains, the cows hadn't come home.

It was then the farmer set eyes on the bizarre imprints on his land, which consisted of four circular marks approximately 30 feet in diameter.  Schielk reported the strange crop circles at once and empathically told the investigator, who worked for the Canadian Defence Dept., that the marks on the field could not have been made by his equipment – and that he – the farmer – was no believer in UFOs.

After carefully examining and measuring the indentations, the investigator was puzzled – but came to believe the marks were likely not made by hoaxers. 

Here is the investigator's summation:

"The marks vary from five to seven inches wide, and the smallest circular mark is 31 ft., 9 in. in diameter. Three of the rings are essentially circular, with the largest mark being slightly elliptical, varying from 34 ft., 5 in. to 36 ft., 3 in."
Artist's concept of the incident. Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

The investigator added that there was no evidence outside of the circular marks, such as exhaust blasts, scorch marks or disturbances of the loose surface material. Moreover, he discovered within the circles there was evidence that thumbnail-sized pieces of vegetation had been removed by the object that made the marks.

Although the investigator toyed with the possibility the marks could have been left by a wheel, he concluded in his  report that the marks "were more likely left by a 135-ton aircraft or spacecraft."As a result of the thorough investigation, the cause of crop circles in Duhamel, Alberta are to this day considered unsolved by the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Here is a copy of an excerpt from the investigator's report:

The Canadian Defence Dept. concurred with its hired investigator that no definitive evidence had been discovered linking the incidents to a manmade hoax.

Here is a copy of the Canadian Defence Dept.'s final terse official statement on the incident:

Did the case Fall Through the Cracks? 

What is truly amazing and baffling about this case is that considering the number of witnesses, proof and a formal investigation, the world press seemed to ignore the event.  One can only speculate as to why.

The entire investigator's report is well worth the read:

Documented Cases, including Witness Interviews.

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