Aliens Show Casino Workers Dystopian Visions of Earth's Future

Aliens Show Casino Workers Dystopian Visions of Earth's Future
An artist's concept of the account, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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One of the rarest and most interesting types of alien and human contact cases is when the visitors communicate directly with the abductees and then show them strange images in an attempt to convey a cryptic message or prophecy.

Such was the experience of two casino cashiers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  On Aug. 31, 1968, they came face to face with four alien creatures on their way home from working their shift, according to an investigation by the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), a group that scientifically investigated UFO sightings from 1952 to 1988.

Here Is A Brief Summary:

Created by Flat Earth Publishing

Stopped In Their Tracks

An artist’s rendering of eyewitness accounts. Art Credit: Unknown Boundaries

As the two men, who requested anonymity in fear of losing their jobs, rode along the dark road home, their car suddenly stalled. After pulling to the side of the road, the two men got out of the car to see what was wrong with the car's engine. But before they could open the hood, out of nowhere four small, humanoid creatures less than 4 feet tall suddenly surrounded them.

They were entirely bald and rather stocky, according to the casino cashiers. They immediately communicated with the men via telepathy because, although they didn't move their lips nor utter a sound, both men heard the following message: "Don't fear. Don't fear." They then communicated with the men relaying a mysterious message using telepathy and video images.

The creatures told the men that the sun "was the reason for everything" they were about to show them and that "mathematics is the universal language."

Using Images to Communicate Apocalyptic Message

The aliens showed them images of a barren, dried-up Niagara Falls. Art Credit: Unknown Boundaries

The aliens then produced what the men described as something like a television (remember there were no PCs, videos, or cellphones in 1968) and showed them first an image of a pristine Niagara Falls and then showed them a second image of a "giant ascending cloud" enveloping the Falls, leaving what appeared to the witnesses to be a waterless, rocky background where it had once been.

One of the creatures then took out some sort of writing instrument and began making strange marks on the car's floorboard.

Aliens Drew Blood

The aliens then drew blood from the two men by pricking their middle fingers. The men, who were terrified and disoriented, said they offered no resistance. When completed, the four creatures climbed a small ladder into an 18-ft diameter disc-shaped object that was hovering about 3 feet from the ground. 

The men said that the craft then gave off a bright light that illuminated the ground beneath their UFO and it shot up into the night sky and disappeared into the horizon within 5 seconds.

Report to military academy

An artist rendering of eyewitness accounts. Art Credit: Unknown Boundaries

The men went back to their car, which immediately started up. They talked over what they had just experienced and decided to drive directly to a nearby military academy to report the incident.

They made their report to a soldier on duty, who noted the men's agitation in his report. The soldier also verified the marks on the men's fingers and the strange marks one of the aliens had made on the car.

Unexpectedly, the soldier also volunteered the information that he had seen a strange light leave the area, at the same time the two men had said they were stopped. In addition, Mrs. Maria Spinelli, a resident of the area, later reported that she had sighted a strange light leaving the area at the same time.

Similar Incident Week Before

What gave even more credence to this case is the fact that a corroborating, similar incident took place about a week earlier in the area.

According to APRO, once again, an anonymous employee of a local oil company was gathering samples on top of storage tanks on the night shift when a humanoid creature with the same description as those above, approached him as he climbed down the tank and reached the ground.

The employee at first thought he was hallucinating, but when he realized it was happening, he said he was paralyzed with fear.

As he stood there frozen in his tracks, the small alien showed him images of "people walking very slowly on a floor which appeared to be tiled. But there was no background behind them only a yellowish color," the witness said.  The alien then projected the following message into the man's mind: "Many of these [people on the screen] were like you, many of you will be like them."

Summary of Mysterious Visits and Messages

What makes these cases so interesting and rich to me is that they were random hits by unknown visitors to quickly stop, examine, and give important messages to ordinary work-a-day people who had absolutely no interest nor knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials

Some of the messages appeared to be about Earth's future, this was 1968, and climate change problems were not the focus. Moreover, one of the messages could be interpreted to imply an integration of aliens among humans. It all depends on what you read into the messages. At the time the messages were given, none of the investigators nor subjects of the visits appeared to understand their possible importance -- or significance.

To me, it appears as though the aliens were trying to give these people a glimpse into Earth's future and offer them possible solutions, i.e., the marks written on the car, the mention of mathematics, and the focus on the Sun as the root cause of Earth's future climatic problems.

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