Alien Abductees Paint Harsh Reality of Experiences

Alien Abductees Paint Harsh Reality of Experiences
Artist's concept based on witness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing
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As a former news reporter and now UFO researcher, occasionally people approach me with stories and information they want to share but are afraid to have their names or occupations attached to the info for fear of ridicule, career damage – or being harassed.

Frankly, I don't blame them. Frankly, I don't blame them.

Here's a Summary of the Article:

This video was written and produced by Flat Earth Publishing

Real Alien Abduction Cases

There have been a few bits of info I have stumbled upon researching UFOs that I keep to myself because to reveal them might endanger others if they are true – or I realize, if such info became public knowledge it would serve no good purpose.

Again, this is a very rare occurrence, but it happens.

However, the sources who approach me with their stories but ask me to keep their names out of it, continue and have accumulated over the last decade to the point I see some reoccurring themes that I have come to believe are true and happening for a reason.

Huge Triangular UFO

Artist's concept of witness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Like the police officer who told me anonymously about a huge triangular UFO that hovered about 50 feet above his police car in the early morning hours and didn't make a sound.

"It was like I was in a vacuum," he told me.

He was stunned and didn't really know how to react.

He knew if he called it in and others didn't see what he was witnessing, he'd never live it down – and might hurt his chances for promotion, or ever being taken seriously again.

He told me he just stared up at it and marveled at the geometric symbols that decorated its seamless body, which he estimated to be more than 4 football fields large.

Then, as fast as you can blink your eye, this massive anomalous, triangular craft just zipped away and turned into a small point of light on the horizon – as though it was never there.

"The hair on the back of my neck stood up," he told me, clearly upset and still confused about what he had witnessed.

Was it just one of ours, as so many skeptics ask like a perpetual taped loop? Was it just one of ours, as so many skeptics ask like a perpetual taped loop?

The police officer laughed at the suggestion.

So, do I.

Felt Like She Was Being Hunted

Artist's concept of witness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

Then there was a woman who I got to know because of this work, who told me she had a similar encounter with a giant triangular UFO in a country field with other UFO investigators in the middle of the night.

She and her husband both have high positions in major organizations and she also asked me never to connect her name with the event.

She told me that evening she felt as though she and the others were being hunted.

Her instinctual fear suddenly peaked – and there it was: silent, an ominous outer-worldly craft that the world, the media, and the government would say doesn't exist outside the realm of crackpottery and hoaxes.

But there it was.

Unlike so many in the UFO community today who say they had a feeling of peace come over them when they had such a close encounter, she was filled with terror and ran for her life, blindly tripping through the woods to get as far away from the uninvited visitor as possible.

And so it goes.

Tormented Since He Was A Child

Artist's concept based on witness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

And then there was a former colleague of mine, who found out I had decided to turn my advocation for writing and researching UFOs into a full-time endeavor, who asked me if I would be interested in hearing about his UFO/Alien story, under the condition I'd keep his name out of the narrative.

Of course, I said yes – but I was surprised to hear such a thing from this man, who had been a hardnosed reporter for many decades and never showed any interest in UFOs before.

He sat down with me at my kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and I watched this older man turn into a frightened child as his lip trembled, telling me how he had been tormented for decades by strange visitors to his bedroom in the middle of the night since he was a child.

He told me of a small hole the size of a pin appearing on the ceiling above his head, emitting a strange buzzing sound, which awakened him and hurt his ears.

He looked up at the hole that was spinning and growing larger – when a cold, painful light suddenly came out of it and bathed his entire body.

"I thought I was dying," he told me.

He then said it felt like every cell of his body was being touched by a million different ants, crawling all over him.

His body jolted with revulsion, but he was frozen – paralyzed.

Unable to Scream

He tried with all his might to scream, but only a whisper came forth from his exceedingly dry mouth.

Then, his mind felt like it was being probed by strange voices saying strange things to the point he could no longer think.

Then it stopped.

He looked up at the ceiling – nothing there.

Only the wetness in his bed from his urinating.

That was just the beginning.

When he was young this type of torture occurred a couple of times a month. When he was young this type of torture occurred a couple of times a month.

He made the mistake of telling his parents once, but when they took him to the family doctor, he blew off the incident, saying it was just a nightmare.

My friend thought maybe the doctor was right, because as he got older, it stopped, to the point that when he was in his twenties he had thought it had just been a bad case of nightmares.

Artist's concept based on witness accounts, Art Credit: Flat Earth Publishing

But then, they returned.

This time, they showed themselves.

They were small, and at first glance, he thought they were teenagers breaking into his house.

But when they got close, he could see their faces weren't human – they were something else – something like an imp, or a leprechaun – or a weird twisted piece of flesh not from here.

Forced Intercourse

Then there were the times a female creature like them would attack him, biting him all over his body, scratching him, and forcing him to have sex, somehow making him have an involuntary erection. The creature disguised itself as a woman.

But when it got close, the horrible, unnatural smell told my friend this was no earthly female.

Now that he is older, the interest in him by the visitors has faded.

He hasn't seen any of them for at least 6 years.

However, he was adamant in telling me that he did not see this as a friendly act or relationship in any shape or form.

Be Wary of Inviting Unknown Entities into Your Life

So, my friends, I have decided to write this article at a time when I see so many in the UFO community declaring that Nirvana is at hand – that soon our extraterrestrial superiors will deliver us from our human evils and all will be well under their benevolent guidance, leading to abundance and peace.

But, before you buy into this pitch, which is being so frenetically promoted, be very careful. Can I offer you one piece of advice on how to judge the so-called visitors based on my investigations of this phenomenon?

"By their fruits, you shall know them."

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